Escazu and Santa Ana Central Valley’ living at it’s best.

Santa Ana

A suburb of the capital city San Jose, Santa Ana is nestled in the foothills between Puriscal and Escazu. This quaint little town is a balance of traditional Costa Rican culture and modern amenities. Nicknamed “Valle del Sol” meaning “valley of the sun,” the town boasts two professional golf courses, restaurants, commerce and much more. Whether vacationing or relocating in a luxury condo here, this is the perfect place to find handcrafted pottery stores. Each Sunday morning visitors and residents can take in the Feria del Agricultor, a farmers market with fresh produce, fresh snacks and the opportunity to visit with the local merchants and growers while getting a glimpse of traditional Costa Rican life.

Santa Ana is a traditional Costa Rican town with a host of modern amenities including access to the nearby modern CIMA Hospital and Medical tower. Santa Ana is also home to the MultiPlaza, Costa Rica’s largest mall as well as several luxury hotels including the Marriott Courtyard and the Intercontinental. The lush, green and virtually untouched emerald forests sit close by superior highways and within view of stores and suburban homes. Visitors can enjoy a meal at some of the best Costa Rican restaurants located throughout Santa Ana. While it can be expensive and trendy, those points are far overshadowed by the relaxed local atmosphere and the comfort of modern conveniences


A colonial town, Escazu is a premier suburb is situated just 7 km west of downtown San Jose. Spread out over a hillside overlooking San Jose and Heredia, Escazu is made up of 3 adjoining neighborhoods; San Antonio de Escazu, Escazu Centro and San Rafael de Escazu. With the largest population of expatriates settling down here (mostly North Americans), this part of the city is a quite exclusive

Easily accessible from all highways that lead to Costa Rica’s most popular attractions, Escazu is just a 10-minute drive from downtown San Jose. Here one can find a car wash, an English movie theatre, a luxurious country club and a number of bowling alleys. There are also many fine restaurants and dining areas in this part of town, with an excellent nightlife. Banks, pharmacies, shops, grocery stores and even an 18-hole championship golf course can be found here, along with one of the biggest and most modern shopping malls in Central America, Multi Plaza. Even the US ambassador to Costa Rica has his residence in Escazu.

A great alternative location to living downtown mainly because many of the people here speak English, Escazu still retains some of its local flavors. Visit Escazu Centro to get a feel for the laidback Tico lifestyle here with its small narrow streets, quaint ambiance and colorful sodas or local restaurants. The area around San Rafael de Escazu is mostly residential with a much higher living standard.