Hi Deb,
We purchased "Bernie's old place" which is located several lots north of Zancudo Lodge, and a house across the road on the riverfront from Dar in May of 2008.

We did extensive renovations on the beachfront house last year – both outside and inside – purchase of furnishings and furniture, extensive work on the yard this spring; and renovations on the riverfront house last year.

Dar has been EXTREMELY helpful to us during the purchase, as construction supervisor, as property manager and as a friend.

Without his help, we would not be able to own property in Zancudo.

He is always trying to recruit renters and watching out for the property – looking out for mold & mildew both inside and outside, insects, electric and other utility bills, security, etc. And he knows the local residents and arranges any work that needs to be done on the property.

He put together a boat deal for us by purchasing the boat and engines from separate sources and was able to save us thousands of dollars on the deal. He also helped negotiate a deal with Antonio, our next door neighbor, to be the captain of the boat at a very reasonable price.

He recommended a lawyer (Jose Carter) that we are extremely happy with and trust completely. This is a very important point for us because we are not familiar with the Costa Rican laws and must rely on someone else to make sure all the legal matters receive appropriate attention.

Thanks to Dar’s help, my parents were able to spend 5 weeks in Zancudo in March and April of this year. My Dad is in his early 80s and does not get around very well and Mom is in her late 70’s. Dar negotiated with Antonio and his family to provide meals for my parents, take them fishing, provide laundry service and cleaning, and watch out for them.

I could provide more examples but I feel sure you get the point by now – Dar has been a tremendous help to use and my family and there is no way we could own property in Zancudo without his help. He is worth every penny of his property management fee.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions.

We look forward to meeting you next time we are in Zancudo.

Mitch Royster

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