Hello!! It is so nice to hear from a fellow zancudo property owner!! Chuck is my fiance and we both bought the property.

I will tell you exactly about our experiences with Dar.

Never have I ever met any business man with such personal caring as Dar. We came out to Zancudo knowing NOBODY. Very skeptical of all people and our surroundings, we met Dar. I felt instantly comfortable, but I knew that somebody that wanted our business would obviously try to be nice. We decided to work with him, and realized through time that it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We were not familiar with the swing of things in Costa Rica... especially when it came to buying property. After we worked with him and bought a home, he got his commission.

I was fearful that we might have been left in the dust after that, being forced to figure out things on our own about this unknown place. Dar never once lost interest in our business relationship. He made Zancudo feel like home. Any time we would visit after our purchase, he was on the phone with us helping with every step of the way. The last time we came out, he had a business associate actually pick us up from the airport!! This was after he got what he needed as a business man. He extended that relationship into a general respect and friendship.

If it weren't for Dar, we would not feel the way we do about Zancudo. While we were on our trip to buy the property, we spoke with some locals about him, trying to get the scoop on how he did business. We knew not to trust just anybody. A couple from Canada ran a business (Oceano) and sat and talked with us. It just so happened that they were closing on selling thier business the same week we were buying a property down the road. They had a relationship with Dar for 4 years, and said they would never even consider working with anybody else. Dar found people to buy their business, and in 4 years actually made them a significant amount of money.

If you asked me one person to trust on that island, it would be Dar in my eyes. There aren't many out there like him in the professional world, and as we have found out, in a friendship sense as well. His loyalty extends beyond money and profit. He genuinely cares for each person he works with.

Good luck with everything. I'm glad you emailed us!!

Kristina and Chuck

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