Golfito Realty now offer's Financing for Qualified Foreigners

                                                 TRUST LOANS IN DOLLARS


Rate:                1% monthly (12 % annual) over balance in dollars

Charges:          3% administrative fee, plus formalization expenses.

Term:              One year renewable each year for ten years with 0.5 % renewal fee each year.

Amount:          Depends on client’s ability to re-pay, and appraisal.


                                                       INITIAL REQUIREMENTS

1.     Credit application fully completed.

2.     National I.D card, passport or Residency Card copied from both sides.

3.     Certified copy of property plot.

4.     Certified Register study of property, Municipal usage certification.

5.     Site visit (mileage would be charged outside of a certain distance)

                                                       SECOND STAGE

6.     Copy of utility bill with current address.

7.     Paid water bill of aforementioned property.

8.     Original and copy of paid Property Taxes statement of property submitted for mortgage.

9.     Payment of $70.00 for credit report, property study.

8.   Certified income statement and copy of employer’s order to C.C.S.S.

9.   If independent worker, income certification generated by C.P.A, It should also include work sheet from last six months of operation
10. Bank/Financial statements for the last six months.
11.  All of the above except # 8, # 9 and # 10.                                                                   

12.  Copy of  Cédula Jurídica” and  Personería Jurídica” with no more than 30 days since issued.

13.  Financial Statements of the last two Fiscal periods and a current one to date, copy of paid corporate tax      

14. Copy of the last Tax declaration and Bank statements for the last six months.


                                  REQUIREMENTS ONCE LOAN IS APPROVED.

15. Once loan is approved an appraisal is ordered. Payment of appraisal must be done at this point. L.T.V is no more than 50% over construction, and no more than 25% over raw land appraised value.

16.  If mortgage exist on property, pay off statement must be submitted with at least one week in advance  to payment date.

17.  Formalization costs will be deducted from loan amount, as well as current ABCD Property Insurance Policy with all coverage’s including inflation adjustment clause. 1% Title insurance and 3% Administrative fees.



Interest rate










1year renewable to 10

10 years



              The loan amount multiplied by .01435 equals monthly payment amount, which includes interest and principal



How the Concessions Work for maritime zone beach property

The National Geographic Institute (Instituto Geográfico Nacional) marks the maritime zone. If the zone is not marked and a development plan has not been drafted and approved, the authorities are unable to grant building permits for development of the area.

The Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (ICT) authorizes leases on the Restricted Zone, but the local Municipal government grants and administers the government concession for possession of land in the maritime zone. The Registry of Concessions in the Public Registry in San José records all concessions. Before a concession can be granted, the particular beach where the property is located must have an approved Zoning Plan (Plan Regulador) in place. Only the actual Concession will clearly define the rights and terms of ownership that the occupant has to the property.


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