Eco Wellness Retreat


This is the ideal Eco Wellness Retreat opportunity. Housing for over 60 people and conference area.

There is a large Administration Building at the entrance from the road, which contains a very large area flexibly designed and usable for large gatherings such as conferences, or can be partitioned for separate classrooms. It also includes an air-conditioned library/storage room, three internal bathrooms, including handicap accommodation, and a reception room which could also be used as an office. There is also a corner unit which has been used as the guardian’s quarters with an outdoor kitchen but could be used for any purpose.


Nestled below in the jungle are 7 buildings. The “Rancho” is a covered open large gathering space usable for outdoor gatherings such as eating, socializing, meetings, presentations, or relaxing. It includes a commercial kitchen with accommodations to serve 100 people. For large presentations, it can accommodate up to 250 people. In 2015, Jane Goodall spoke there to an audience of 240. The six living/sleeping buildings include rooms to house 60 people, two per room with private shower and bathroom. There are also two large apartment size VIP rooms with a kitchenette, sitting room, and two bedrooms each.


The Eco Wellness Retreat is certainly what many have called “magical.”  That is what we had in mind when it was built — the “mother of all anthropology field schools.”  It is sited on approximately 8 acres of jungle, 10 minutes from the closest beach … where whales and dolphins arrive in March and September each year to yield their calves. There is a small river flowing along the edge of the property, which babbles over the beautiful boulders. Each room is situated so that the scenery is pure nature, not other buildings. The wholeEco Wellness Retreat is very private, very quiet, and allows one to commune with nature as one can only in tropical Costa Rica. The permanent residents of the property include a generous supply of Capuchin and Howler monkeys, the yellow-bill toucans with their haunting evening music, the hushed Blue Morpho butterflies with the screaming blue of their fluttering wings, and so many more of nature’s guests. A short drive to the south is the Corcovado National Park, where you can find the world’s most bio-diverse habitat for both flora and fauna.


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