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Regular police officers may now issue transit fines

The agents of the Public Force, which is the name of the state’s regular police, will be able to issue the same fines and tickets as an officer of the General Directorate of the Traffic Police after a new law enters into force.
Monday afternoon 50 legislators approved the law on a second vote and reformed the national traffic laws.
The modification empowers the police forces of the Ministry of Public Security and the municipalities to complement the functions of the traffic police under the coordination of the Ministry of Public Works and Transports.
The agents will assume the character of institutional transit inspectors.
“This cooperation can be oriented to tasks such as traffic regulation, applying fines, tickets, control operations, attention to traffic accidents, routine police checks, attention to special events and others that the transit ministry deems appropriate to carry out,” says the proposed law.
The Public Force will also have the necessary training to provide the services that usually fall to the traffic police, officials have said.
“The financing of these training will be included in their respective budgets,” says the text, written by the former legislator and former presidential candidate of National Restoration, Fabricio Alvarado Muñoz.

The minister of Public Works and Transportation, Rodolfo Méndez, acknowledged the need to increase the number of agents of the Traffic Police and even to seek to increase the fleet by at least 400 officers.

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