Savvy Investors Are Making Their Move In The Southern Zone

The Southern Zone is like a treasure trove of natural beauty—a birdwatcher or surfers’ delight. Take a walk or a drive through one of its massive national parks and you’ll see scarlet macaws and tropical flowers…and maybe catch a glimpse of a sloth hanging from a tree…or a humpback whale dipping in and out of the Pacific Ocean.

The Southern Zone is one of the few places in Costa Rica 
where you can still find bargain-priced real estate.

The Southern Zone runs just south of the little beach town of Dominical, all the way to the country’s border with Panama. It’s got a dramatic Pacific coastline, where the mountains meet the ocean. It’s often compared to Tahiti or parts of Thailand…with unspoiled beaches, hills and mountains covered with thick forest, and wildlife everywhere you look.

Most tourists coming to Costa Rica are looking for beaches, wildlife, and adventure. You can find all that in spades in the Southern Zone. The thing is, you won’t find the tourist hordes you’d expect—or the high-rise towers and cookie-cutter resorts you see in other parts of the country. Because, like the Pacific Northwest, it used to be hard to get to the Southern Zone. And when tourists can’t easily get to a place, they don’t bother.

It’s following a strikingly similar trajectory to what happened in the Pacific Northwest. The coastal road that ran here until 2010 was often impassable. A friend told me about his first trip here in 2002. He knew he’d need to cross several rivers, so he’d prepared himself for that. But he only found out when he got to the first river that there weren’t any bridges. It was a case of trying to gauge the depth, driving across, and hoping for the best. Not a trip that most people would be willing to take just for a vacation.

That lack of access had the effect of keeping out mainstream tourists. But, the Southern Zone was so spectacular that some came anyway. They were looking for adventure…and a different pace of life. Some set up shop, opening gourmet restaurants (some of the best in the country), French bakeries, delis and well-stocked supermarkets. And, infrastructure followed them.

Savvy Investors Are Making Their Move In The Southern Zone

Once off the beaten track, new infrastructure is bringing a flood of tourism and money to the Southern Zone, and savvy investors are setting up to profit in luxury developments like the one pictured above…

Today, new roads link the Southern Zone to the capital city, San José, and its international airport. It’s a smooth and easy three-hour drive. More tourists and home buyers are coming here these days. And the Southern Zone’s Path of Progress—and our profit opportunity—is coming with them.

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